My Wake-Up Call

I’ve been making changes and usually not sticking to them, under the guise of being healthy for as long as I can remember. But let’s be honest, to me healthy= skinny. Even when there wasn’t much left to lose, I have been trying every health (read: diet) trick could find and convincing myself it was healthy.

But lately, I’ve been getting a “good health” wake-up call for the last 4-6 months. It started as an alarm clock that wakes you up just enough to move and hit snooze. But I at least started paying attention to my food and trying to eat in a more clean way.  Then it got a little louder like an old-school pager trying to track me down. So I started a food journal and training for a 10k race. Then the phone started started ringing and I started getting a little more clued-in to the changes my life was trying to make. So I started a food blog and actively started to eat well and changed from a 10k training to training for a half marathon.  Then finally in the last 2 weeks, my wake-up call came like the “good health” police banging down my door and tasering me until I cooperated!

Last week one of our very good friends was diagnosed with cancer (don’t ask me who, it’s not my place to say!). After learning that news, my entire world changed—especially my thoughts on “what does it mean to be healthy?” I vowed then and there to start truly taking care of my body and my outward appearance (skinny, fat, normal-sized vs. a little muffin top) no longer mattered. What matters most is that my “insides” are happy and healthy. 

So as is my nature, upon hearing this cancer diagnosis, I immediately went into overdrive in my “how can we fix this” mode. As I often do when I’m trying to learn about new things or try new things, I took to reading books, magazines and the internet. It turns out, by being healthy and living a healthy, clean lifestyle, that in addition to making myself less likely to develop diseases such as cancer, that the whole weight management thing will just work itself out. 

So be on the lookout for a few changes in this blog. After the last week and being faced with the ultimate wake-up call, the “Big C,” I am on a mission to do everything possible to not only prevent us from getting it but to help our friends (read: family) who are facing this get better! Because for Nation and I—4 years ago today after we said “I Do”—our lives are about to change again. And I am committed to making that change be for the better. We have now recommitted ourselves to our own personal health, but to also being better spouses, better friends to ourselves and others, and committed to our “FAMILIES” (if you know anything about us you know that extends to way more than moms, dads, aunts, uncles and cousins!!)  that we will all be living “Healthy Ever After.”